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Invitation to systems suppliers to attend event

Issued on behalf of RPA, DEFRA and the Future Options Programme.

Defra is seeking to explore opportunities for delivering Common Agricultural Policy systems beyond 2013.  

Requirements for administering new CAP schemes are being developed for Defra by the Future Options Programme.

While the future of the Common Agricultural Policy is currently being negotiated by EU Member States including the UK, the Future Options Programme is beginning preliminary work to ensure that any future delivery systems deliver all elements of the required services and provide a joined up approach for customers.

The Programme reports to the Minister of State for Agriculture. All the operating bodies for anticipated CAP 2013 schemes (Defra, RPA, Natural England, and the Forestry Commission) are working together to define their requirements and target operating models to achieve the best value for money and level of service for customers.

A Prior Information Notice has been issued, inviting potential suppliers to a Market Sounding event on 21 May in Reading in order to discuss emerging views on procurement options for delivery models.

Evidence from this Market Sounding will be used to consider both individual and joint procurement options for different delivery models.

The Market Sounding event takes place on 21 May at the Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, Madejski Stadium, Reading.

Those wishing to attend the Market Sounding event or wanting to request a copy of the Prospectus should email

The Prior Information Note can be viewed on Defra's website

The PIN will ultimately be published on the Official Journal of the European Union

The Future Options Programme prospectus can be viewed on Defra's website

For further information please contact

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