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New information pack encourages employers to support volunteering

The Government, together with Business in the Community, has embarked on a campaign to encourage more companies to give staff time off to undertake public duties.

The new employer information pack helps employers understand the benefits of volunteering for civic roles, what is involved if their staff volunteer and how it can help their businesses.  Case studies on how it has worked for others and information on next steps are also included.

Stephen Howard, Chief Executive - Business in the Community, said:
“In addition to performing a vital role in the community, volunteers in civic roles are developing skills and knowledge that can be applied in other areas of their lives; including their work. This report demonstrates there is a real win-win opportunity for communities and employers when staff get involved in this kind of volunteering.”
For many people volunteering is the route to greater involvement in their communities. The third sector and civic organisations within the public sector play an important role in engaging people in decision making at a local level, helping communities to get involved. They have much to offer in responding to the challenges some places face. This has also been identified in a further report published today by Communities and Local Government, Our Nation's Civic Health.

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