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Last chance to take part in Wales waste consultations

The Welsh Government is reminding interested parties that time is running out to respond to consultations on its Collections, Infrastructure and Markets and Food Manufacture, Service and Retail sector plans for waste.

The Collections, Infrastructure and Markets consultation closes 10 June; the Food Manufacture, Service and Retail consultation closes 22 June.

The Collections, Infrastructure and Markets plan sets out how Wales can become a world leader in the resource-management industry. A report published by WRAP Cymru in March 2011 illustrates that meeting the waste prevention and recycling targets the plan proposes could save Wales £88 million a year by 2025.

The Food Manufacture, Service and Retail Sector plan proposes that these sectors work to prevent food and packaging waste throughout the supply chain, adopt the most environmentally sound recycling methods for waste which cannot be prevented and ensure that packaging can be recycled.  It also encourages businesses which are in direct contact with the public to provide their customers with information and support to help them reduce their waste.

Both form part of a series of such plans which set out exactly what each sector must do to contribute to the waste and recycling targets set out in Wales’ waste plan Towards Zero Waste, which was launched in June 2010. The first plan – for the municipal sector – was launched in March 2011.

Welsh Government Minister for Environment and Sustainable Development John Griffiths said:

“Wales’ recycling rate has increased significantly over the past decade, but if we are to reach our targets of recycling 70 per cent of our waste by 2025 and being zero waste to landfill by 2050 it is essential that we continue the good work.

“Waste prevention makes good business sense and high recycling is a financial as well as an environmental imperative which will bring new opportunities for Wales. I urge as many people as possible to contribute to our plans by taking part in these consultations.”

Wales is the only country in the UK to publish detailed plans on how it will recycle 70 per cent of all waste by 2025. It is the first country in the UK to introduce statutory recycling targets, for municipal waste.

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