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Deputy Minister welcomes CSSIW Annual Report

The Deputy Minister for Children and Social Services, Gwenda Thomas has welcomed the publication of the Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales (CSSIW) Chief Inspector’s annual report 2011-12.

The report sets out key findings about social care and social services, focussing on quality and improvement and safeguarding people.

Attending the launch at Clydach Court Care Home in Trealaw, the Deputy Minister for Children and Social Services, Gwenda Thomas said:

“I welcome the publication of the Chief Inspector’s report. I am pleased to note that despite the challenges facing the sector, CSSIW inspections have identified many examples of good quality and innovative services staffed by excellent practitioners and managers.  

“I note that the report continues to highlight variability in performance across Wales which cannot always be explained by the different demographic and economic challenges. This requires stronger national direction and clearer local accountability, as set out in the reform programme in our White Paper ‘Sustainable Social Services’ and through the forthcoming Social Services and Well-Being Bill. The Bill will provide the environment to accelerate improvements to give citizens of Wales a strong voice and greater control over their lives, to enable them to maximise their wellbeing.

“Improvements in collaboration and partnership working between local authorities and partners in the NHS are set out in the report but this must be an area for continued priority and progress if more consistent, high quality service provision, in line with Welsh Government ambitions, is to be achieved.

“Safeguarding adults and children remains a core issue for local authorities and this has been underlined by some particularly concerning cases this year. I believe that the reforms I am making to better protect people at risk are ambitious but essential. A new national board will provide greater consistency and clearer duties to report and investigate allegations of abuse.

“The developments in reablement, telecare, telehealth and the provision of community equipment, mentioned in the report are welcomed but there is further ground to be made in introducing new citizen centred models of services if we are to achieve a better balance between institutional and community based care for older people in Wales.

“The publication of this report is timely and provides further evidence to support the programme of change and reform I am leading for social services in Wales. This is a vital, unavoidable agenda of transformation and will ensure services will be sustainable and give a strong voice and real control to the 150,000 users of social services in Wales.”

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