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FM invites PM to Scotland

First Minister Alex Salmond recently invited both UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to visit Scotland for an inter-governmental discussion during the upcoming consultation period over a referendum on the constitution.

The invitation was extended at Dublin Castle during a one-to-one discussion before the official agenda of the British-Irish Council.

Mr Salmond said:

“We have a mandate to hold a referendum on the constitution and it is important that we can take forward these plans so that the people of Scotland can determine their future.

“The week after next we will publish our consultation document for people across Scotland to discuss the terms upon which the referendum will be held.

“We will be carrying out a consultation involving as many stakeholders as possible, including the UK Government, in a consensual and constructive way.

"This meeting will provide an opportunity to seek clarity on the UK Government's perspective. However, Scotland will not be dictated to by Westminster on how the Scottish people should make this important decision.

“The British-Irish Council is a symbol of the consensual way by which political discourse can be conducted within these islands. Of course, it currently includes two sovereign countries, three devolved authorities and three island authorities.

"In our view, it would be even more effective if there were three sovereign countries, two devolved countries and three island authorities with more powers to make a difference for all of the people of these islands.”

Mr Salmond has confirmed that the Scottish Government intends to hold a referendum on independence in the Autumn of 2014.

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