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GC compliance agreement reached

Agreement has been reached with the Cabinet Office over the security standards required for local authorities to connect to the Government Secure Extranet (GCSx).

The GCSx will allow sharing of data and services across government and is a vital element in delivering efficient electronic services. The agreement, negotiated by Socitm and the LGA, meets local public services' concerns about the cost of connection to GCSx, and its future migration to the Public Sector Network (PSN), by recognising the existence of 'low threat environments' in local public services. Modified standards for the Government Connect Code of Connection (CoCo) version 4.1 for these environments will ensure that expensive, new investments are not required by local authorities. This means that local public services organisations will not incur any significant additional costs or burdens over and above those that they have incurred already to become CoCo v3.2 compliant. Socitm and the LGA raised the issue with the Cabinet Office, the Government Connect Management Body and the PSN team, following considerable concern from local public service providers about the cost of implementing CoCo v4.1.

You can download the letter to members and read the press release on this topic.

Dylan Roberts will lead a session at Socitm 2010 on PSN/G-cloud/Government connect: the local public service perspective.

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