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Green Construction Board launches call for evidence

Green Construction Board launches call for evidence

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 22 March 2012

Sustainable businesses will have the opportunity to provide information and data that will shape how the Green Construction Board (GCB) will deliver its plans for a low carbon built environment.

Business Minister Mark Prisk, co-chair of the GCB, called on the construction industry to share their finest low carbon research and development expertise to help create a ‘knowledge database’.

Evidence from this database will be used to underpin the key action points that the Board is currently delivering as part of the Low Carbon Construction Action Plan.

Speaking yesterday at Ecobuild, Business Minister Mark Prisk, said:

“The aim of our call for evidence is to seek industry intelligence that will help guide us in delivering a low carbon industry of the future.

“The purpose of the Green Construction Board has always been to create a platform for Government and industry to work side by side to help the built environment prepare for the transition to a low carbon economy, while harnessing the business opportunities that support growth along the way.

“What better way to find out what works best for the industry, in relation technology and performance, than to seek evidence from businesses themselves. Ultimately, we want our actions to make the most impact and to best suit the needs of the built environment and a call for evidence will help us to do just that.”

During his speech, the Minister also announced the creation of a low carbon ‘Routemap’ by the GCB illustrating the overall required emissions reductions for industry and the measures which will deliver them up to 2050.

The Routemap will aim to demonstrate how the Carbon Plan and Carbon Budgets can be reached, and will consider what actions might be needed to ensure the transition is achieved as smoothly as possible.

Dan Labbad, CEO of Lend Lease and co-chair of the GCB, also spoke at the seminar. He said: “We are publishing a framework for this Routemap which is the central piece of work against which the Board’s success and progress will be evaluated.

“We will be working collaboratively with external parties on its development and we are targeting its completion by the end of the year.”

Notes to editors:

1. Green Construction Board

Launched in November 2011, the GCB is a consultative forum for Government and the UK design, construction and property industry in order to ensure a sustained high level conversation and to develop and implement a long term strategic framework for the promotion of innovation and sustainable growth.

Government and industry is building on the work of the Low Carbon Construction IGT and working collaboratively through the GCB to drive forward the actions set out in the Low Carbon Construction Action Plan . The full Terms of Reference of the group are available for download (PDF, 28 Kb)

To find out more about the Green Construction Board visit

2. Research Call for Evidence

The Green Construction Board has conducted an initial exploration of the body of knowledge and understanding in relation to a low carbon built environment. This has been drawn from Research Councils, academia, TSB and the Building Research Establishment and will be used to identify gaps in our understanding as well as to provide case studies of best practice nationally and internationally.

To formally submit evidence to the Green Construction Board visit

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