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Policy Exchange - ‘Tripadvisor’ ratings website for parks could reduce dog fouling and graffiti, says think tank

Report says ‘MarkMyPark’ website that maps and rates our urban green spaces could help improve our city parks.

A new ‘Tripadvisor’ style ratings website that encourages people to rate green spaces for crime, littering and dog fouling could dramatically improve the quality and cleanliness of local parks and other urban green spaces.

A Policy Exchange report, Park Land, warns that the budgetary pressures could have a major impact on the quantity and quality of our urban green spaces. Financial constraints have led to local authorities in towns and cities across England reducing the amount of money they spend on parks and other green spaces. The cuts were felt most deeply in the North East with councils cutting the amount they spend on green spaces by almost 40% over the past three years. This compares to just a 3.4% reduction in spending in the South East.

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