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Met Office Weather Windows

Met Office aviation experts launch a new weather service for airport operators.

Weather Windows, which was recently demonstrated to a select group of the aviation community at an event at Heathrow Airport, is a weather based resource planning system. It enables airports to plan important tasks, such as airport maintenance, up to 15 days ahead.

The service is also designed to help airports manage both the cost and risk associated with arranging key resources such as staff, equipment and materials.

Airfield Duty Manager at Gatwick Airport, Gary Smith has been assisting the Met Office with the design of the new service and said: "I look forward to using Weather Windows as it has been specifically designed to help us plan operations at Gatwick effectively - much further in advance than we have been able to do before."

Airline and airport contractors can also make the most of this new Met Office service, which can help with operational logistics.

Gary Holpin, Aviation Business Development Manager at the Met Office, added: "Tasks within Weather Windows are customer defined, ensuring that weather forecasts and windows of opportunity are available for customer planning needs."

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