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Encouraging interactive talk for GCSE languages

We have worked with schools to develop speaking assessment activities that encourage interactive talk between students, that are replicable and manageable, and support and supplement guidance for Controlled Assessment of Speaking.

These interactive talk case studies show how teachers can:

  • prepare students to engage in discussion, debate and open-ended conversations
  • personalise activities to draw on students’ interests
  • encourage independent and creative use of the language
  • integrate speaking tasks into a GCSE course
  • offer all students the best opportunity to demonstrate what they can do.

The case studies describe what teachers and students did, and what they thought about the activities. Included is practical information about how the activities were managed within classroom settings and how teachers can refer to the case studies to develop their own GCSE speaking activities. All the activities were trialled in schools and conform to the controlled assessment requirements of each school’s chosen GCSE awarding organisation.

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