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Leading entrepreneurs appointed to advisory panel

Some of Wales’ most successful entrepreneurs have been appointed to the Entrepreneurship Panel for Wales – they include James Taylor of SuperStars, Hayley Parsons founder and CEO of GoCompare, academics Professor Paul Hannon and Sue Poole and self-made multi-millionaire Kevin Green.

The new Panel has been set up to provide the Welsh Government with strategic guidance and expertise on the development and delivery of the entrepreneurship agenda in Wales.

Economy Minister Edwina Hart who set up the Panel said:

”I am delighted that so many talented individuals have agreed to serve on the Panel. Between them they have an extensive range of entrepreneurial experiences and their expertise and knowledge will be invaluable in providing advice on shaping strategy and policy making.

“We want to instil a culture of entrepreneurship in Wales and create a ‘can do’ attitude throughout society for the ultimate benefit of the economy.  Wales has a strong track record of encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation which forms part of the school curriculum and taught from primary school through to higher and further education.

“The Panel will monitor the progress of how we deliver these entrepreneurship programmes including the YES Action Plan.”

The Panel will meet four times a year with their first meeting scheduled for February 5th.

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