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Community Development Workforce National Occupational Standards - Consultation to revise these NOS is now open

Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) are currently revising the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the community development workforce.

This revision will produce the third set of standards and they will be reflective of changes in legislation and working practices within the sector. They will also be designed to support the community development workforce (CDW) in a variety of ways, including the underpinning of any subsequent qualification development.

During this review and revision of the CDW NOS, all the current components will be explored and updated where necessary. As the concept and design of NOS in general has changed over time, we will be looking at how best to structure the revised standards to ensure they are useable and useful to the wide range of employers and practitioners involved in community development work practice and learning.

We are looking for the support and input of the sector to ensure that the review produces standards that are relevant and fit for purpose for community development work practice and learning. You can take part in the electronic consultation here.

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