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Delyth Morgan announces launch of consultation on charging for inter-country adoption

Regarding the launch of the consultation on charging for inter-country adoption, Children’s Minister Delyth Morgan said:

It is a fundamental right of every child to belong to a loving and stable family, and in some cases inter-country adoption by UK parents can sometimes be the best option for children who cannot be cared for suitably in their own country. 
We’ve been working hard to improve the adoption service we offer families to make sure it is as straightforward and easy to use as possible. We are now in a position to guarantee cases will be dealt with in 14 weeks. To ensure we continue to provide a high quality service, we think it is fair to begin charging, on a means-tested basis, for parents wanting to adopt a child from abroad. I look forward to hearing the views of our key stakeholders on this issue as part of the consultation process.

Further information
The consultation is available to view on the DCSF's website. 

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