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Drivers urged to join the 150,000 benefitting from Auto Pay

More than 150,000 drivers are now reaping the rewards of signing up to automatically pay the Congestion Charge.

By registering to use the CC Auto Pay system they know they need never be fined again and the system is now the most popular way to pay the Charge.

CC Auto Pay was introduced in January 2011 and provides a simple, easy way for drivers to automatically pay the Congestion Charge with customers getting a £1 discount from the £10 daily charge at the same time.

Drivers who register will only ever be charged for the days they travel within the zone and charges will be automatically deducted from their nominated debit or credit card.

Thousands of new accounts

Transport for London (TfL) launched CC Auto Pay accounts on 4 January, with pre-registration available from November 2010.

Since the launch of CC Auto Pay over three million payments have been processed for over 200,000 vehicles registered to the 150,000 accounts now set up for CC Auto Pay.

TfL's Director of Congestion Charging, Nick Fairholme, said: 'The benefits of CC Auto Pay are self evident and we are delighted that so many people have signed up for accounts.

'Drivers who do so are saving money and safe in the knowledge that they will never be fined for forgetting to pay.'

To register for a CC Auto Pay account drivers will need a credit or debit card and will have to pay a £10 annual registration fee for each vehicle on the account.  Motorists can register for a CC Auto Pay account at

Notes to Editors

  • Drivers can register up to 5 vehicles for CC Auto Pay
  • As well as reducing congestion, the Congestion Charging scheme has also helped reduce emissions of climate change gases and environmental pollutants from vehicles and encouraged people travelling in the area to use public transport, to walk or cycle
  • Customers can register for a CC Auto Pay account on the TfL website at:
  • In November 2009 IBM were awarded a five year contract to manage the day to day operation of the Congestion Charge