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Get online week to see the launch of new Internet Buttons for beginners!

UK online centres have partnered with We Are What We Do, the social movement behind I Am Not a Plastic Bag & Historypin, to create Internet Buttons - a beginners introduction to the world wide web.

Internet buttons - - is a web based tool that creates new internet users an instantly personalised homepage.  People answer a series of questions about the things that interest them, and end up with a homepage of big iconic buttons that take them straight to some top websites they'll be interested in.

At the bottom of the page is the "Call-me-when-you-get-stuck-hotline" - a space digital natives Passing IT on to offline friends or relatives have the option to fill in with name, photo and mobile number as a way of reassuring new users that there's always someone there to help if they get stuck!

In addition, digital users can benefit from online tutorials and step-by-step guides to particular sites and services such as Skype, and can opt to have their Internet Buttons page annotated with helpful tips.

The idea of Internet Buttons is to get people up and running online as quickly as possible, so they can get on with using the internet while they continue to learn more about how it all works.  Internet Buttons is designed to work alongside Online basics and myguide as another tool to help people get started with computers and the internet, and keep on using them.

The beta version of Internet Buttons is set to launch during Get online week, 18 - 24 October, and will be one of the options available at the end of the Get online week game 'Splash and grab'.  Those completing the game will get the option to set up their Internet Buttons homepage so next time they use a computer they can log on and have all their favourite sites there at the click of a button.

We Are What We Do will continue to develop the Internet Buttons website, in conjunction with UK online centres and the Nominet Trust.



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