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Planning for climate change

Climate change will be a key consideration in the design of new building projects, thanks to a new update to planning guidance.

Consultation on a limited update of “Technical Advice Note 12 on Design” was launched by the Welsh Assembly Government yesterday.

The Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Housing, Jane Davidson said:

This is another part of the jigsaw for the Welsh Assembly Government’s Planning for Climate Change agenda. This will be a step towards the ‘One Wales’ commitment to more sustainable buildings by making applicants consider sustainability in the design of the development at the outset of any project.

This consultation is limited in scope as it updates the TAN 12 to incorporate the element of Access Statements (which are already required) and the proposed changes which follows the consultation responses to “Planning for Climate Change” issued in (December 2006). This update describes design statements, a new proposed statutory requirement, and reflects the Welsh Assembly Government’s commitment to tackling climate change through the design of new buildings. It is hoped that a Design and Access Statement will be considered a useful tool for enabling planning applicants to demonstrate early on in any project not only traditional aspects of good design, but also how they have considered the climate change agenda and therefore plan for sustainable buildings.

In line with the Assembly Government’s commitments to improving the lives of disabled people in Wales, the TAN encourages the inclusion of accessible ‘Changing Places’ toilet facilities in plans for new and public commercial buildings.

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