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Student Money Week matters

Student Money Week matters

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 08 March 2012

Apply for funding during National Student Money Week (12 - 16 March 2012)

The Student Loans Company is urging English students to apply for their 2012/13 funding during National Student Money Week, to ensure their funding is in place at the start of term.

Last year more than one million students applied for finance from Student Finance England. Around 27% of new students and 24% of returning students missed the student finance deadline dates in May and June.

Student Finance England will be hosting and taking part in online webchats during National Student Money Week and helping students understand what support is available to them. The Company is also currently taking part in UCAS Conventions across England.

Nichola Malton, Assessment Manager at Student Finance England, said: "We want to encourage all students to apply now for their student finance.

"Last year, many students waited until they had a confirmed university place before applying for funding but you don't need to - you can choose the course you're most likely to start and update it later if you need to.

"Arranging your student funding for the first time can be quite daunting and we want students to know that we're here to help with any queries they may have."

Lynne Condell, National Association of Student Money Advisers (NASMA) Chairperson added:

"It makes sense to get your finance sorted as soon as possible and so avoid any money
worries at the start of term. If you are a student with concerns about your funding you
should contact the NASMA members in your university, college or students' union."

New students should apply for their finance by 31 May and returning students by 29 June to ensure their finance is in place at the start of term.

Student Finance England, part of the Student Loans Company, processes all loan and grant applications for students in England.

The Company has a range of useful advice and guidance for those considering going to university in 2012/13, visit our student finance zone on The Student Room: tudentfinance.

To apply:

For press enquiries, please contact the Student Loans Company Press Office: 0141 306 2120

Notes to Editor:
Student Finance England is part of the Student Loans Company and administers the entire student application process for students in England, from processing to payment. Student Finance England operates regular student finance surgeries on Facebook and Twitter.

Under the new student finance scheme, eligible students can apply for tuition fee loans to cover the full cost of your university fees as well as funding for maintenance loans, which they will repay with interest once they are earning over £21,000.

Depending on their household income and other circumstances, students may be entitled to a maintenance grant and additional grants which they do not have to repay.

NASMA is providing a range of supporting documents for practitioners around the country to help them support students.

These are available at and include tips and resources. During the week NASMA will be providing details of what is happening at different locations around the country.

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