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Green for go as Stockport charity gears up for car fundraiser

The Children’s Safety Education Foundation (CSEF) is serving up a ‘bangers and cash’ initiative as part of a novel fund-raising drive to boost its vital work countywide.

CSEF is one of the first charities in the UK to team up with Giveacar, a social enterprise which collects unwanted and unused cars for charity – turning scrap to cash.

The Giveacar concept mirrors one that is already popular in the United States and other countries, but which is still very much in its infancy in the UK.

Regardless of their condition, cars are collected free-of-charge nationwide by Giveacar and sold through an online auction, or disposed of at an authorised treatment facility.

Proceeds from the sale are donated to a charity of the car owner’s choice, or one of the Giveacar’s partner charities such as CSEF. Even if the banger is scrapped, it still nets the selected good cause between £40 and £160.

John McNamee, Chief Executive, CSEF says: “We are delighted to be partnering Giveacar on such an innovative and worthy cause, and by the fact that local people are pledging support for CSEF by donating their scrap cars. Every penny we raise will go towards helping keep children safe from harm and this scheme will enable us to reinforce the work we do within the local community. The great thing is that it is hassle free for anyone to take part, providing you have a scrap car of course – all you need to do is pick up the phone. ”

Many car owners want an easy and completely free way to get rid of their old car. Giveacar will help them to do this in a legal and environmentally friendly way.

The scheme is intended to discourage those irresponsible owners who may consider abandoning their cars, spoiling the appearance of the local environment and also costing local taxpayers’ money to remove and dispose of it.

Tom Chance, Chief Executive of Giveacar, welcomed the partnership with CSEF. He said: “We are delighted to team up with the CSEF. Children’s safety is of paramount importance, and it is great to know that old, rusting, scrap cars can potentially save lives. It is a privilege to raise money for such a great cause.”

To get more details and start making a difference, visit
or call the Giveacar Team on 020 0011 1664, quoting CSEF as your chosen charity.

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