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Case for full financial responsibility

The Scottish Government yesterday submitted detailed evidence supporting the case for Full Financial Responsibility to the Scotland Bill Committee at the Scottish Parliament.

Finance Secretary John Swinney said:

"The Scottish Government believes that Scotland's interests would be best served by independence. Until agreement is reached on independence, the Scottish Government is committed to making the case for Full Financial Responsibility.

"The detailed options for further devolution were first set out by the Government in the National Conversation paper 'Fiscal Autonomy for Scotland: the case for change and options for reform', in February 2009.

"The paper we have sent to committee today provides further information on the model of Full Financial Responsibility proposed by the Scottish Government.

"This would provide the maximum degree of policy autonomy within a UK macroeconomic framework and significantly increase the accountability of the Scottish Parliament.

"In contrast to the Scotland Bill proposals it would devolve responsibility for key economic levers to the Scottish Government, and provide a range of new channels through which to promote sustainable economic growth."

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