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ICT and the chief executive's agenda

What issues are uppermost in the council chief executive's mind, and to what extent does ICT strategy support the organisation's overall direction? asks the latest briefing from Socitm Insight

The question is posed in Your chief executive's objectives: are you wired into them? which is available now for download from this website, free of charge, by Socitm Insight subscribers.

The briefing acknowledges that a disconnect can exist between the chief executive's ideas and the strategy pursued by the technology function.

It challenges IT chiefs to be clear about what their own organisation's top issues are, and if they do not know, to take urgent steps to find them out.

In order to illustrate how ICT strategies can be joined up with corporate strategies, the briefing examines chief executives' top five current preoccupations, which, according to SOLACE, are as follows:

  • The times are changing and we must change with the times
  • Local government is a public health organisation
  • We must put the democracy back into localism
  • Public services in a networked world
  • Local government can drive local economic growth

For each of these issues, the briefing sets out a range of supporting activity and expertise available from ICT professionals and the council's ICT function.

Download your copy now at:

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