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Asset and Waste Management in the Public Sector - Seminar (Free) for delegates in the Public Sector

Date: 17th November 2011 

Venue: Broadway House, Westminster, London

The Disposal Services Authority is running a free seminar in Westminster on Thursday 17 November for those responsible for waste management and disposals in the public sector. The event will address the financial and environmental costs of disposal; identify what is waste and what is an asset; and share ideas on realising income from seemingly valueless items.

About this event:

What is the difference between Assets and Waste? A common assumption is that assets are items that produce a financial return, whereas waste incurs a cost for disposal.

So, how do we determine assets from waste?  For organisations with multiple asset waste management issues, how easy is it to identify each individual item as an asset or waste?  Is an empty printer cartridge an asset or waste? Is a meeting room table an asset or waste?

At the seminar you hear from:

Richard Norris, Disposal Services Authority  - The DSA is the only Government organisation offering a completely managed service for the re-use, recycling and ultimate disposal of surplus Government and Public Sector assets.

Dr. Dominic Hogg, Director, Eunomia Research & Consulting – Technical advisor at two House of Commons Inquiries into waste, he has been serving as an ex-officio advisor to Defra’s New Technologies Programme since before its commencement.

The programme will include:

  • Identifying assets from waste
  • Compliance and Security
  • Audit
  • Sustainability through procurement 

Free enrolment to Public Sector delegates only – very limited capacity.

Click here to enrol for this event.

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