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Scottish Drugs Strategy

The Scottish Drugs Strategy Delivery Commission has published its first report today on the Scottish Government's progress in the delivery of the national drugs strategy, the Road to Recovery.

The Commission, chaired by Dr Brian Kidd, Clinical Senior Lecturer in Addiction Psychiatry, includes individuals with a range of practical expertise in the drugs field and volunteers with experience of recovery.

The report contains 23 recommendations to the Scottish Government which aim to increase the impact of the many initiatives to address Scotland's drug problem. Recommendations made focus on three key areas, Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse; Care, Treatment and Recovery; and Governance and Accountability of the Delivery Systems.

The DSDC Chair said:

"The key difference between us and previous groups advising government, is our independence from government and our specific role to scrutinise the delivery of an agreed drugs strategy - The Road to Recovery."

"We took a pro-active approach by taking evidence throughout 2010/11, regarding a range of key priority areas; to improve the safety of children affected by substance misuse (CAPSM); how local treatment services are changing to make recovery more likely; and examined local and national governance and quality processes, to consider what progress changes in the delivery system has delivered."

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