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Relief for Welsh businesses is valued

A review of the Assembly Government’s rates relief scheme has concluded that this financial assistance is supporting the sustainability of small businesses in Wales in the current economic climate.

Since the scheme began in 2008, small businesses in Wales have received more than £50 million via the rate relief scheme.      

Local Government Minister Carl Sargeant said:

“This independent review provides us with firm evidence of how businesses and local authorities value the Assembly Government’s business rate relief scheme.      

“It is good to hear that the scheme is regarded as a good way of helping the small businesses, particularly those with small margins, and that the enhanced relief provided to post offices is also valued.    

“I am also pleased that the simplicity and transparency of the scheme has been widely praised and that other parts of the UK are adopting this aspect of the Welsh scheme.  

“This marks the successful completion of our One Wales commitment to deliver an enhanced rates relief scheme for small businesses across Wales.

“The scheme demonstrates the Assembly Government’s commitment to support the viability of small businesses in Wales. I am proud to say that we have already    provided over £50 million in financial assistance to small businesses and that this support is valued.

“We will of course continue to keep the rate relief scheme under review so that we can be sure that it provides value for money and continues to benefit the Welsh economy."

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