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Festival goers warned of online ticket fraud

Music lovers planning to book festival or concert tickets online are being warned of an increasing risk from online scams. Cyber security experts are expecting a surge in fraud over the summer, so make sure you’re aware of the risks and how to avoid falling for an online ticket scam.  

Online music ticket scams

More than one in ten people (or their friends and family) have already been a victim of a ticketing scam online.

Fake websites aren't always easy to spot. As users become more fraud aware, online scammers are making increasing efforts to trick consumers into visiting fake ticketing websites.

"As many as half of the websites that sell tickets for events such as Glastonbury and V Festival are bogus"

For example, cyber criminals are known to:

  • pay for search advertising (eg. Google ad words) so that their fake sites appear at the top of event search results
  • use professional web designers to make their sites seem real
  • post false comments on fan forums pretending to be from fans claiming they have bought tickets from the scam site

Online ticket fraud is a year-round problem, but with the festival and concert season hotting up over the summer, the problem is set to get worse. 

Tony Neate, managing director of, the UK’s national internet security initiative, said: "Criminals used to have only one opportunity to sell fake tickets - on the day of the event. Now they have access to a huge number of potential victims over a period of months in the run up to the event. 

"Intelligence from law enforcement and industry indicates that as many as half of the websites that sell tickets for events such as Glastonbury and V Festival are bogus. It’s critical that consumers are on their guard when purchasing tickets. We are urging internet users to check with the event organisers for a list of legitimate ticket selling websites before parting with their money online."

Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office responsible for cyber security, said: "The threat to consumers is very real. As well as financial loss, fake ticketing sites may also put consumers at risk from viruses and other malicious software. The internet is a great tool and helps us to buy what we want easily and economically, but we need to make sure we are vigilant."

For tips and advice on how to avoid online ticket scams, follow the link below.

To report a possible fraud, follow the Action Fraud link below.

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