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Defence launches on-line education tool

Defence launches on-line education tool

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE News Release (272/2007) issued by The Government News Network on 20 November 2007

A new web-based learning programme for schools was launched today by Defence Minister Derek Twigg.

Defence Dynamics is an on-line resource for teachers that will offer an interactive library of material for lessons on many subjects in the core curriculum. From the protection of sustainable fish stocks to the maths involved in navigating a fast jet, children can study core subjects using fresh and exciting examples based on real events, and at the same time broaden their awareness and understanding of the role of defence in society.

Mr Twigg today saw Defence Dynamics in action today at St. Joseph's School, Beulah Hill, London, as he took part in lessons based around Defence Dynamics.

Mr Twigg said:

"The defence community makes a profound, positive contribution to today's young people every day. Every year we engage with young people across the UK: from individual mentoring to outdoor pursuits, sport, and of course, with the Cadets.

"I want to see defence making a bigger contribution to young people's academic development. That's why I am delighted to officially launch Defence Dynamics today."

St Joseph's School has trialled Defence Dynamics for three months and say that it has helped to bring the subjects to life.

More than five thousand teachers have already registered to use Defence Dynamics.

Notes to Editors

1. Defence Dynamics meets all curriculum and examination board requirements. Lessons have been written in conjunction with practising teachers and with support from staff at Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF). Lesson content is based on current examination syllabuses for all UK Exam Boards. It is flexible in use to allow for a wide ability range of students.

2. By next month, Defence Dynamics will feature 40 complete lesson plans and accompanying stimulus materials for GCSE (and equivalent level) students across three core subjects - Science, Maths, English - plus Geography. There are also two whole-school assembly plans provided for Personal, & Social Health Education (PSHE) teachers.

3. Imagery and lesson plans can be downloaded at

4. For further information visit

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