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COI publishes annual report and accounts 2009/10

COI publishes annual report and accounts 2009/10

News Release issued by the COI News Distribution Service on 26 July 2010

Strictly embargoed for 09:30 27 July 2010

The Central Office of Information (COI) has published its annual report and accounts for 2009/10. The figures reflect the combined spend of numerous government departments and public sector bodies that used its services during 2009/10.

A freeze has since been placed on government advertising and marketing spend by the new Government. During this financial year only essential new and existing campaigns will be allowed to continue.

Mark Lund, COI’s Chief Executive said:

“COI must play its part in helping reduce the deficit. This year we are more focussed than ever on achieving outcomes at a much lower cost. We anticipate more partnerships with brand owners, media owners and civic groups, as well as increasingly innovative approaches to joining up paid-for and other media channels.”

COI is currently undertaking an internal review of its shape and size to ensure it remains efficient and effective, during the freeze and beyond. This includes assessing the services it delivers and establishing new opportunities offered by the evolving media landscape.

The COI annual report shows that during 2009/10, government spent a total of £531m on marketing and communications through COI, down £9m on the previous year. Expenditure on advertising accounted for £193m of this total, compared to £211m in 2008/9. While digital marketing expenditure (online advertising) rose 10% to £44m.

The report highlights COI’s continued role in driving significant efficiencies and savings for Government. Its centralised buying position meant it was able to negotiate a 47.7% reduction in media costs against recognised industry benchmarks, a saving of £204m. This is in addition to the £52m savings made across a range of other services including publications, direct marketing and events. In the year ahead COI’s new media buying contract with M4C will generate further savings for any essential advertising required.

The report shows that COI prioritised three areas to help achieve better outcomes for Government during 2009/10; evaluation, digital engagement and behaviour change.

In partnership with colleagues across Government, COI worked to develop innovative tools and approaches to drive both efficiency and effectiveness, and to streamline the procurement of communication and marketing services.

This included developing new guidance on behaviour change; the first-ever paper on calculating Payback - the absolute financial benefit delivered by marketing - and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) in the public sector; and a new flexible way for Government to access its supplier frameworks.


Notes to Editors

For further information, please contact Rhona de la Mer or Tracey Cobbett at COI on 020 7261 8306 or 8763.

COI is the Government’s centre of marketing and communications excellence. It helps government departments and the public sector meet their policy objectives through the procurement and delivery of marketing and communications services that achieve maximum effectiveness and provide best value for money.

COI is a Trading Fund and does not have its own budget. It works for numerous government departments and public sector bodies, and its figures reflect their combined spend through COI.


COI Press Office.

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