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Lifelong Learning UK Launches Feedback Portal in Data Collection Project

Lifelong Learning UK is leading a process of data collection about the workforce to ensure there is a better understanding of those operating in the lifelong learning sector.

We have been analysing and reporting labour market intelligence gained through the Staff Individualised Record (SIR) submissions received from further education (FE) colleges. Encouragingly, submissions for 2007/08 increased by 29% on the previous year and will provide our partners with a detailed profile overview of staff working in FE colleges.

As part of a data collection process revision, Lifelong Learning UK has now created an online consultation portal for all those involved in submitting data to discuss any aspects of the collection. The portal will enable frequent and simple interaction and will build a community of users to assist each other.

Tynan Rodger, Project Manager at Lifelong Learning UK said: "We're really pleased with the response from further education colleges, and this year have opened up the collection process to work based learning and adult and community learning providers, which are also an important part of the workforce."

He added: "Data collection is just one element enabling us to build a picture of the FE workforce but we also want to ensure we encourage an ongoing dialogue with providers. We are confident that the portal will be a welcome tool for providers to give us their feedback on the process."

With the launch of the consultation portal, we are inviting FE colleges along with other training providers to log on to the portal, speak up and share their experiences of the collection process. This is fundamental to ensure its benefits are identified and necessary improvements are delivered.

We look forward to receiving the feedback and engaging in a constructive process to shape the future of data collection and support the development needs of all those working in this important sector.

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