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HMRC consults on managing payment and debt

HMRC consults on managing payment and debt

HM REVENUE AND CUSTOMS News Release (Ref:NAT 41/07) issued by The Government News Network on 25 June 2007

Options for improved payment methods for taxpayers and modernised debt management operations are contained in a consultation document published today by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

The consultation paper forms part of HMRC's work to modernise its powers, deterrents and the accompanying safeguards. It invites comments on a range of ideas to make it easier for taxpayers to pay on time and improve the way HMRC deals with those who do not.

The consultation document seeks views on how HMRC might address the following in relation to managing payment and debt:

* A more taxpayer focused approach - focusing less on debts arising from individual taxes and more on the taxpayer's whole interaction with HMRC;

* Making it easier to pay - providing a range of payment methods, making it easier for taxpayers to pay their tax at the right time; and

* Tackling the problem of debt - having made it easier to pay, and supported those who genuinely find it hard to pay, HMRC needs the right tools to tackle those who choose to pay late.

Overall, the options aim to align and modernise rules across HMRC's tax responsibilities, where doing so would provide greater clarity, consistency, efficiency and reduced costs for taxpayers and HMRC.

All the options would require legislative change, if they were adopted, and would therefore be subject to full Parliamentary scrutiny and debate.

The deadline for submitting comments is 17 September 2007.

Notes for editors

1. 'Payments, Repayments and Debt: The developing programme of work' is available on the HM Revenue & Customs website at (click the 'Current consultations' option).

2. Contributions may be made by e-mail to: or by post to: HMRC and Payment, Room 1C/03, 1st Floor, 100 Parliament Street, London SW1A 2BQ or by fax to: 020 7147 2460.

3. Currently, HMRC relies on provisions inherited from its predecessor Departments - the Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise - which evolved over a considerable period of time, and involve substantial differences between different areas and taxes.

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