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Funding to tackle bigotry

The Scottish Government will continue to deliver a united approach to tackling sectarianism by supporting organisations delivering a range of projects.

Community Safety Minister Fergus Ewing yesterday announced £527,250 is being invested during 2011-12 to build on and develop work already underway in rooting sectarianism out of our communities.

Mr Ewing announced yesterday that funding is being continued to seven organisations - Sense Over Sectarianism, Nil by Mouth, Show Racism/Bigotry the Red Card, The Iona Community, Youth Community Support Agency, Bridging the Gap and Supporters Direct in Scotland.

Speaking following a summit on the future of Scottish football, Minister for Community Safety Fergus Ewing said:

"As our record shows, the Scottish Government greatly values the excellent work carried out by organisations to tackle the scourge of sectarianism wherever and whenever it occurs - be that on the terraces, in the street or at the workplace.

"Each of these organisations awarded funding today have been making very positive progress over the past 12 months and we want that to good work to continue.

"This Government has moved the focus from summits about sectarianism - which was important at the time and gained the support and consensus of all key stakeholders - to supporting projects that are delivering change on the ground through a range of activities. This announcement today will allow these organisations to continue and develop their existing, excellent work."

Bailie Jean McFadden, Executive member for Education, Glasgow City Council, said: "Sense Over Sectarianism welcomes the continued funding to support the excellent and important anti-sectarian work the council is delivering in Glasgow schools and across our communities.

"Glasgow City Council will continue to develop work which explores the values and attitudes that underpin sectarianism in our city and challenge and change behaviour inherent in sectarianism.

"There is no easy answer to this. It is important that we all work together towards creating a society where everyone feels respected and valued."

Jean Campbell OBE, Trustee of Nil by Mouth, said:

"Nil by Mouth welcomes the new funding from the Scottish Government. Regretfully, as recent events have shown, there is much still to be done to challenge sectarianism in many areas of Scottish life.

"Nil by Mouth will expand our anti sectarian work, mainly through education in schools and workplaces throughout Scotland. We will continue to challenge sectarianism wherever it exists in Scottish life."

Elio Ajmone, Project Manager with Show Racism/Bigotry the Red Card, said:

"Securing further funding from the Scottish Government is great recognition from the current administration of all the work that our anti-sectarian and anti-racism campaigns have been carrying out during the past year.

"The funding will allow us to further expand the initiatives that we are currently delivering to both young people involved in grass roots football and adult football fans. Furthermore, we will have the opportunity to explore other innovative avenues of delivery across our communities, this with the view of promoting a culture of equality and respect in Scottish society."

The funding has been awarded as follows, and is maintained at 2010/11 levels for all:

  • Sense Over Sectarianism is a partnership project which aims to enable people to challenge the existing attitudes, behaviour and assumptions which contribute to bigotry and sectarianism and division within society. It encourages communities to identify and develop solutions to the sectarianism which forms part of their everyday lives. The partners include Glasgow City Council, Celtic and Rangers Football clubs, the Glasgow Presbytery of the Church of Scotland, the Archdiocese of Glasgow and Nil By Mouth. Sense Over Sectarianism will receive £150,000 for 2011-12
  • Nil By Mouth has been engaged in addressing sectarianism in society. They have worked with a range of employers and partners to create an "Addressing Sectarianism in the Workplace" scheme, which it aims to roll out later this year. Nil By Mouth will receive £60,000 in 2011-12
  • Show Racism/Bigotry the Red Card have been delivering work on tackling racism and sectarianism. Show Racism the Red card have delivered tailored education to 662 people and rolled out a programme of educational workshops. More recently, Show Bigotry the Red Card has been established to tackle sectarian attitudes of football fans and is showing good early results. Show Racism/Bigotry the Red Card will receive £120,000 in 2011-12
  • The Iona Community has been established following a successful pilot in HMPs Addiewell and Barlinnie and is aimed at changing negative attitudes and re-offending behaviour among prisoners under the age of 40 involved in sectarian and racist offences. The Iona Community will receive £42,000 in 2011-12
  • The Youth Community Support Agency works intensively with young people referred by partner agencies due to displaying signs of sectarianism, bigotry, racism and other anti-social behaviour and who are also not engaging in formal education, with the aim of equipping them with a basic level of education, relevant life skills and a positive perception of themselves and others. The Youth Community Support Agency will receive £70,000 in 2011-12
  • Bridging the Gap is a community organisation with the aim increasing community inclusion for people from minority ethnic, refugee, asylum seeker and faith communities, primarily in the Gorbals, but reaching across Glasgow. Bridging The Gap will receive £70,000 in 2011-12
  • Supporters Direct in Scotland help promote corporate governance, financial accountability and community responsibility. They ensure clubs develop a community hub model working in partnership with key local service providers to deliver health, education and inclusion programmes while seeking to increase grass roots participation. Supporters Direct in Scotland will receive £15,250 in 2011-12

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