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Want to work for MI5?

Are you observant?  Do you have an excellent memory?  If so, you could apply to work for MI5 as a mobile surveillance officer.

Visit the MI5 website and take a test to help decide if you would be suited to the role.

Mobile surveillance officers

Mobile surveillance officers need excellent observational skills, a good memory and a good level of fitness.  There are lots of checks to ensure the right candidates are recruited.

To find out if you have the right skills to apply, follow the link below,  watch the video closely and answer the questions that follow it.

About the role

MI5 officers work in the UK for the Security Service. You can find out more about the role on the MI5 website by reading a 'day in the life' description by a mobile surveillance officer. The job is London based but entails travel within the UK.

The starting salary is £26,250, rising to £29,946 on successful completion of training. Remember, if you do apply you should not discuss your application other than with your partner or a close family member.

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