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Think Act Report gets its 100th sign-up

Scheme encouraging gender equality at work celebrates milestone; 1.6m employees now covered.

We are delighted to announce that 100 companies are now supporting our Think Act Report initiative, which encourages companies to report on action to improve gender equality in the workplace.

The milestone was reached when Microsoft became the 100th company to sign up, and means Think Act Report now covers over 1.6 million UK employees.

Think, Act, Report is a voluntary gender reporting initiative, launched in September 2011, which encourages companies to think about how to offer equal opportunities for women in the workplace. We’re already seeing a real change – and recently Microsoft have joined BT, Accenture, IBM, Network Rail and Marks & Spencer as leaders in their field. The initiative acknowledges those organisations which have embraced measures to promote fairness and inclusion, and who are not afraid to share the results with others.

Minister for Women and Equalities Jo Swinson said:

I am delighted we have now reached our 100th sign-up covering 1.6 million employees. It’s great that so many of the UK’s most recognised and successful firms have made this public commitment and are actively recruiting and progressing female talent. It is important that companies have a diverse range of people at every level.

What is good for equality is also good for business – quite simply companies make better decisions when their staff are drawn from the widest pool, as they understand their market and their customers better.

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