Competition Commission
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Competition Commission publishes merger procedural guidelines and begins consultation on revised disclosure guidance

The Competition Commission (CC) has yesterday published the final version of its merger procedural guidelines as well as starting a review of its current disclosure guidance.

The merger procedural guidelines (CC18) describe the main stages of a merger inquiry and are intended to help parties prepare for their participation when such inquiries are conducted by the CC.

In addition to the guidelines themselves, the CC has also published its response to the consultation on the draft version of the guidelines, which it started last year (PDF, 30 Kb) .    

The CC is also carrying out a month long consultation as part of its review of the existing Chairman’s Guidance on Disclosure of Information in Merger Inquiries and Market Investigations. The current document (PDF, 201 Kb)  (CC7) was published in July 2003.

Notes to editors

1. The CC is an independent public body which carries out investigations into mergers, markets and the regulated industries.

2. Enquiries should be directed to Rory Taylor or Siobhan Allen on 020 7271 0242.

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