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State of the Countryside conference 2009 material is now available


This year’s State of the Countryside conference 2009 was held in Birmingham and was targeted at all those with an interest in rural research and analysis and for non-rural researchers interested in services, sustainability, economic and governance issues. Their ideas and expertise will help us shape the 2010 report.

Speakers included:
Stuart Burgess - our chair and the Government's Rural Advocate
Read the full transcript from Stuart’s presentation.

Prof Neil Ward - Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, University of East Anglia. Read the full transcript and view the slides from Neil’s presentation.

Lisa Harker - Co-Director, IPPR
Read the full transcript and view the slides from Lisa’s presentation.

The event included a variety of conference sessions for delegates to attend; workshops, seminars, debates and master classes.

Presentations from these sessions included:
Rural Economies, Dr Jane Atterton and Dr Hilary Talbot, Centre for Rural Economy.

Recent research results on the effects of climate change on the natural environment, Dr Mike Morecroft, Natural England.

The event closed with an 'Any Questions?' session chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby. Read the full transcript of the session.

Review the agenda from the event


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