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ONLINE PRESS BRIEFING- Britain and the Global Financial Crisis

These multimedia briefings which include podcast interviews give background information and specific research examples for topical issues facing the today. The latest of these briefing is on the global financial crisis and will be updated with information from ESRC funded events and investments.

Britain and the Global Financial Crisis

2008 closed amid doom and gloom and panic headlines about the country's slide into recession.  Headlines such as "First recession in 16 years", "Britain Enters Recession", "Britain Spirals into Recession" were everywhere.  

A series of public lectures are also underway looking at issues such as how recession affects our mental health and happiness, what the impact of recession will be on global poverty and whether it is a threat or an opportunity for the green economy.   

Events include:

  • Recession and Global Poverty
  • Recession and the Green Economy

The ESRC funds research into both national and global economic issues through: 

  • ESRC economic research centres and programmes
  • ESRC economists and financial researchers
  • ESRC media coverage and publications  

For more information:

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