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Mentoring Scheme reduces reoffending

A scheme to mentor and rehabilitate prisoners sentenced to less than 12 months has reduced re-conviction rates, figures published yesterday show.

The pilot, being run at Peterborough prison by Social Finance with support from a number of voluntary organisations, has helped prisoners who would previously have had no support. It provides them with help as they prepare for release and then to access the services they need, including housing, employment, financial services and substance abuse services once they are out of prison.

The re-conviction rate at Peterborough was previously considerably higher than the national average. Between September 2008 and March 2010 Peterborough had a re-conviction rate of 41.6 per cent (national average 37.3 per cent) and the frequency of re-conviction events was 87 per 100 prisoners (69 per 100 offenders nationally).

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