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Consultation launched on enforcement priorities

Five draft national enforcement priorities for English local authorities are being published for consultation today, as part of LBRO's ongoing role to improve the way regulations impact at the front line.

The consultation on a new approach to refreshing priority regulatory outcomes for regulatory services in England draws on LBRO's independence and technical expertise to emphasise the role regulators play in delivering the outcomes that matter locally.

The Priority Regulatory Outcomes consultation document reflects Government's intention to create the conditions to enable effective and accountable local delivery, while local authorities use their understanding of their communities to deliver the outcomes.

The new approach follows consultation with organisations across the public and private sectors, both locally and nationally.

The proposed priority regulatory outcomes published today for consultation are:
* Protect the environment for future generations by tackling the threats and impacts of climate change
* Improve quality of life and wellbeing by ensuring clean and safe public spaces
* Help people to live healthier lives by preventing ill health and harm and promoting public health
* Ensure a safe, healthy and sustainable food chain for the benefits of consumers and the rural economy
* Support enterprise and economic growth by ensuring a fair, responsible and competitive trading environment

The selected priorities, published by LBRO, reflect issues about which local citizens and businesses are most concerned, including the quality and safety of the local environment, quality of life issues such as housing, noise and anti-social behaviour, and the hygiene and safety of local retail outlets.

By prioritising these outcomes, local authorities and their partners will support the aspirations set out in the Programme for Government, including a fair and responsible society, economic growth and improved quality of life for local people.

LBRO Chairman Clive Grace said: "Central government wants to devolve power, and local government wants to take it. So central government must not prescribe - instead it should simply create the conditions for local delivery and accountability to flourish.

"Priority regulatory outcomes, replacing narrower national enforcement priorities, provide clarity about the outcomes that matter to Government and ensure that regulatory activity is focused on delivering them."

The full report can be seen at

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