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Funding for peatland restoration

Peatland Plan to improve Scotland’s biodiversity and deliver potential carbon benefits

Plans to restore Scotland’s peatland landscape will be supported with £1.7 million funding from the Scottish Government.

Peatlands cover about 20 per cent of Scotland and are of international importance. They are valuable to our economy, culture and environment, and are key habitats for much of our wildlife. Restoration of peatlands is also considered to have benefits in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This new funding, part of the Government’s Green Stimulus package announced in this year’s budget, will support the development of a Peatland Plan for Scotland.   

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Paul Wheelhouse said:

“The transition to a low-carbon, highly resource-efficient economy is a key priority for this Government.

“Over 20 per cent of Scotland's land is covered by peat or peaty soils, and it is estimated that they store fifteen times more carbon than UK vegetation. We know that peatlands in good condition can provide many benefits to our biodiversity, wildlife, and economy, and could also play a critical role in our fight against climate change.

“This offers us a real chance to influence peatland restoration and management and to contribute on the international stage.

“Working with Scottish Natural Heritage and other interested organisations, we will develop a substantial programme of peatland restoration across Scotland supported by £1.7 million from our Green Stimulus Package.

“This Government is committed to protecting our natural environment and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Despite clear pressures on public finances, we have ensured that environmental measures are at the very heart of our budget, and I believe this will deliver significant environmental benefits and play a pivotal role in supporting our nation’s economic recovery.” 

Susan Davies, SNH Director of Policy & Advice, said:

“This is truly excellent news, and will make a big difference to Scotland’s peatlands. We'll work with local community groups, NGOs and land managers to restore this valuable habitat. We also want to make sure the excellent work already done in our protected areas, such as nature reserves, guides us in this new programme. We already have a head start through the IUCN Peatland Programme, which has pulled together the best examples of peatland restoration in Scotland and throughout the UK.”

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