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Fields of fire: BIG salutes Arnhem heroes 68th anniversary

Young paratrooper Harold Herbert waited to jump. Below, a mass of blazing fields, crippling shell fire, and the sight of comrades being cut down as they fell from the sky. As bullets ripped through the fuselage of the Horsa glider the plucky 20-year old summoned his courage and leapt into the abyss.

Now 68 years on Harold will return to the scene of Operation Market Garden, one of the most audacious, though ultimately ill fated allied offensives of the Second World War, and the largest airborne operation in history.

Harold, 88, is just one of over 51,000 Second World War veterans, widows, spouses and carers to date awarded more than £25 million under the BIG Lottery Fund’s Heroes Return programme to make important commemorative trips across the world.

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