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Agency Publishes Subcontractor Register

Following our commitment to the sector and in line with the intentions of the Government’s Transparency Agenda, we are publishing a list of subcontractors  with an aggregate contract value of £100,000 and over, together with details of their lead provider.

The list is compiled from information submitted by lead providers and is a snapshot taken at 10 January 2012. The Agency collects this information from the sector through the Subcontractor Declarations. The information will assist our lead providers by providing them with the national picture and the diversity and breadth of the Agency’s wider supply chain. The national overview will also assist lead providers in their due diligence checks. The format has been agreed in a consultation with stakeholders. This is a moving picture and the Agency has made the commitment to publish the data back to providers on a regular basis.

Further information is available on the Subcontracting page of our website.

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