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Law on school closures comes into force

A leaflet designed to give advice and information to parents when major changes to their child's school are proposed has been published by the Scottish Government.

Designed to explain the updated and strengthened consultation process that comes into force on April 5, the leaflet makes clear that when any changes to schools are being considered, education must be the key priority.

It also explains the role and responsibilities of local authorities - such as consulting for six weeks during term time, holding a public meeting and asking HMIE to prepare a report - as well as covering how parents can get involved and have their voices heard.

Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning Keith Brown said:

"The new law around proposed school closures, which come into force today, bring in some important changes - putting education at the heart of the decision and giving parents more of a voice in the process.

"It is therefore vital that parents know about the new system and what it means for them, if any changes to their child's school are proposed. That's why we've published a leaflet to explain the changes and provide information to parents.

"This also makes clear that there is a presumption against the closure of rural schools, meaning councils must show they've considered all viable alternatives and assessed the potential impact on the community before proposing to close a school in a rural area.

"I hope this will help make sure that parents are fully aware of the process that councils should follow and the opportunities for them to have a say if changes are being considered."

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