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Tablet technology improving education in Malawi

An innovative project helping 30,000 pupils in Malawi learn maths using interactive apps on iPads has “exceeded expectations”, Education Secretary Michael Russell said today.

The Scottish Government provided £285,000 of funding to language learning specialists Eurotalk in 2010 to deliver a wide range of primary education through interactive digital software to 30 rural schools in Malawi.

The project supports 300 teachers who tutor children in using the devices who then share their knowledge with other pupils. Already, around 38,000 certificates to mark attainment of learning on the device have been awarded to pupils.

Speaking during a visit to the New State House Primary School in Lilongwe today, where he presented another 10 iPad and iPod touches to the project, Mr Russell said:

“We are working with the education sector in Malawi to improve access to a quality primary education, particularly in rural areas. Having seen the successful use of this technology in a number of schools in Scotland, I am in no doubt of the difference this project has and will continue to make to pupils in Malawi.

This project includes maths lessons for the first two years of primary school – Standard 1 and Standard 2 – in Chichewa, together with a suite of other relevant material for use by teachers in their lesson planning.

Every child that learns how to use Masamu 1, an interactive maths app, that is both educational and fun, will be able to boost their own skills and pass on their knowledge to even more pupils, with the ultimate aim being to raise educational attainment in rural Malawi.”


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