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Ordnance Survey improves 3-D terrain model proposition

Following the announcement in April of a new business strategy for mapping agency Ordnance Survey, the pricing and licensing of its flagship digital terrain model, Land-Form PROFILE Plus, has been completely overhauled and partner distribution terms introduced.

As well as a dramatic reduction in the overall price, the highest accuracy lidar-derived content is now more rigorously targeted where users need it most, in urban, flood-plain and coastal zones. Ordnance Survey Licensed Partners can now also distribute the product themselves and, thanks to a renewed partnership with the Environment Agency, lidar updates – based on their revision programme – will now be supplied to customers as standard. 

Land-Form PROFILE Plus is Ordnance Survey’s highest-resolution digital terrain model. It provides the foundation for accurate flood modelling and analysis, as demanded by utility suppliers, insurers, developers and planning authorities. 

Mark Stileman, Product Manager at Ordnance Survey, comments: “Having spoken with our customers, we’ve made some radical changes to the pricing and licensing structure of Land-Form PROFILE Plus. We have enabled distribution through our partner network and made major changes to the pricing structure, making it far more attractive for larger areas and multi-year licensing.”

Andy Bannister, Ordnance Survey Strategic Partner Manager, adds: “Enabling partners to resell Land-Form PROFILE Plus creates a new opportunity for them to deliver a highly accurate digital terrain model. This is hugely significant, as it allows customers to use accurate data to support a range of flood and land-based applications.”

The lessons learnt from the Pitt Review in 2008, along with the need to maintain up-to-date and accurate flood plans, have increased the need for terrain data that is maintained, targeted and optimised for modelling the flow of water.

When used together with other mapping datasets, Land-Form PROFILE Plus can be utilised in a range of specific applications, including coastal modelling, engineering, asset management and emergency response.

Land-Form PROFILE Plus is made up of around 65,000 sq km of high-accuracy lidar data in urban, coastal and flood-plain areas. In other areas the data is complemented by data from Land-Form PROFILE, to offer detailed full national coverage of Great Britain’s topography.

Note to editors:

The new terms for Land-Form PROFILE Plus will be available from October 2009.

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