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EU at risk on missing targets on early school leaving and graduate education

The European Union is at risk of missing its 2020 targets to reduce the number of early-school leavers and increase the share of students completing tertiary education, according to a report which will be discussed by Ministers at the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport (EYCS) Council on Friday (10 February).

The crisis is severely affecting young people, with youth unemployment above 40% in some Member States. The joint EU Council-Commission report, entitled "Education and Training in a smart, sustainable and inclusive Europe" shows that quality education is a key factor in preventing unemployment, by providing young people with the skills and qualifications needed to find a job. Higher education and academic excellence have a vital role to play in increasing Europe's competitiveness and enabling it to emerge stronger from the crisis.

“Young people have been hit disproportionally hard by the crisis. We have to invest efficiently in education and training to ensure that they have the skills and adaptability required to succeed in a competitive world. The Commission's proposed new programme for education, training and youth, Erasmus for All, responds to this need by opening up more opportunities for young people and teachers to increase their personal development and skills,” said Androulla Vassiliou, Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth.

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