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First Minister emphasises importance of “investing in our children’s eye sight”

First Minister Rhodri Morgan recently said the importance of “investing in our Children’s eyes” is the key theme at the annual Welsh Eye Care Conference at Cardiff University’s School of Optometry this year.

The First Minister said:

“As part of our Welsh Eye Care Initiative we are funding the Children’s Low Vision project, which enables children and young people with Low Vision to access the services provided by health, education, social care and third sector organisations. It also encourages multi-disciplinary working between professionals from health, education, social care and third sector organisations.

“We also look forward to the launch of the Children’s Low Vision Toolkit in a few months time. It is a real plus for us to be working closely with RNIB Cymru to produce this Toolkit. It will be another step in Wales towards helping all of our children with low vision to understand their conditions and find the best way of coping with it.”

The Welsh Eye Care Conference is aimed at anyone involved in eye health and supporting people with sight loss. The conference pulls together professionals from all sectors working to prevent sight loss and those providing services to people with sight loss.

The First Minister added:

“This conference demonstrates the skill and dedication of all our professionals in Wales including optometrists, ophthalmologists, orthoptists, dispensing opticians, social care and welfare officers and rehabilitation officers.

“The strength of this conference is the chance for professions from all points in the health and social care field to meet, learn and exchange best practice.”

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