Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
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Processed beef products and horse meat

Information about the actions following discovery of undeclared horse DNA in meat products.

Undeclared horse meat as well as traces of horse and pork DNA has been found in meat products. These include beef burgers, lasagne and bolognaise ready meal products contaminated by horse meat, and pork DNA found in a selection of meat pies labelled as Halal. Industry and the government are conducting large scale nationwide testing.

In addition to the ongoing FSA and police investigations in this country, the UK government has been leading efforts to ensure a coordinated response across Europe. At our request the EU has agreed that tests for the presence of horsemeat throughout the food supply chain should be carried out in all countries. The EU and Europol also agreed with our suggestion that there should be a new intelligence sharing system to enable food authorities and Europol to coordinate investigations across the continent.

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