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Safety first - our guide to staying safe online

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day, something which aimed to connect generations and help them discover the digital world together safely. This is something we’re very committed to here at UK online centres, so we were pleased to see such a great buzz surrounding the day.

The day might be over, but the campaign continues, and there’s still plenty you can do to get involved.
The UK Safer Internet centre has developed an interactive app designed to help families discover internet safety know-how together, featuring an online quiz to help families discover internet safety know-how together, covering social networks, online entertainment, internet-gaming and mobiles. Whether you’re an online novice or an online native, it’s definitely worth a look so do visit the UK safer internet website.

We’ve also got a great course available on the
Go ON website that can help. Using the internet safely’ is part of Online basics. and will give you tips on computer and e-mail security, using personal data and making online payments. It’s a great introduction to the types of things you need to consider when surfing the web.

We know the internet can seem like a scary place, but aimed with the right knowledge and some handy tips, there’s no need to fear what’s out there - it’s a great tool that can open up new worlds and fantastic oportunities for everyone!

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