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Isles of Scilly farmers are invited to ‘Soils for Profit’ event

A ‘Farming More Precisely’ event is being held for farmers on the Isles of Scilly on 26th April 2012 at the Mermaid Inn on St Mary’s, hosted by the Soils for Profit Project.

The free event is an opportunity for farmers and land managers on the Isles of Scilly to find out about new techniques that can improve the management of their soils, manures and nutrients.  The aim of the workshop is to provide practical advice on how farmers can make savings on expensive inputs and improve productivity, while also helping to enhance the local natural environment.

The event will run from 9.15 a.m. until 12.30 p.m.  Registration will start from 8.30 a.m. and will include a free breakfast on arrival.

To book a place at the event please call 01270 616808 or e mail:

The Soils for Profit Project is managed by Natural England in partnership with the Environment Agency.  The project provides free advice and support to farmers on ways in which farm profits and the environment can both benefit from improved soil, manure and nutrient management.  The project recently celebrated its 2,000th registration for a free on-farm advisory visit and has already held more than 150 group events across the South West.

Emma Heller, Soils for Profit Adviser for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, said: “This is the first ‘Farming More Precisely’ event to be organised for farmers on the Isles of Scilly.  It will be an opportunity to look at the soils in this special farming area, discuss the unique issues faced on the islands and explore practical ways of working that could benefit farmers and the local environment in future.

‘‘The event will include expert speakers who will explain the scientific background and demonstrate the latest farming technology, including machinery and equipment.  By attending this event, farmers will be able to further develop their techniques for managing their soils, manures and nutrients more precisely.’’

Rural Focus adviser, Caroline Weston, will be providing information about the Resource Efficiency for Farmers project which covers energy, water and inorganic waste management on farms and which is running alongside Soils for Profit.  Caroline will also explain the Farm and Forestry Improvement Scheme and the Rural Economy Grant.

Also present will be Janie Caldbeck, to talk about the SWARM Knowledge Hub (South West Agricultural Resource Management), an online resource that provides farmers and growers with practical and up to date information to help them manage natural resources efficiently and make the best business decisions.

For further details on this Farming More Precisely event please see our farm events information pages or the SWARM Knowledge Hub website

For further information (media enquiries only), please contact:
David Hirst, Natural England press office -
For out of hours queries please call 07970 098005

Soils for Profit Project

The Soils for Profit Project is one element of the South West Agricultural Resource Management (SWARM) initiative. It is open to all farming businesses in the region with over 5 hectares of land.  SWARM is designed to help farmers have more profitable and resilient businesses by managing their soils, manures and nutrients more efficiently whilst reducing the impact of their activities on the environment.  Special arrangements have been made for intensive businesses such as pig and poultry farmers as well as the special farming systems located on the Isles of Scilly.

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