Office of Government Commerce
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Managing demand for Fleet

OGC"s Good Practice Guide on Demand Management provides an overview of the ways that demand management can be used to deliver real, cashable savings and improve value for money from spend through policy changes, managing fleets, managing behaviour and collaborative procurement.

This guide seeks to support those within the public sector to challenge their current norms and manage spend on fleet resources as effectively as possible. It will be of interest to heads of procurement, finance, HR, fleet managers and other senior business managers. It can also be used as a discussion document to engage a wider group of staff in order to help shape the organisation"s future strategy on tackling demand and supply issues.

The guide is not designed to provide a comprehensive method for addressing demand management.

To obtain your copy of the guide, contact the OGC Service Desk, or call 0845 000 4999.

Grey Fleet

Grey Fleet travel refers to mileage in employee-owned vehicles - a grey area, where millions of hidden miles are travelled each year and often overlooked by employers and employees alike.

In the public sector, evidence indicates that grey fleet makes up around 57% of total road mileage. This means that if you are a public sector organisation looking to make cost savings, reduce environmental impact, or better manage the risks related to driving for work, grey fleet is an important place to focus your attention.

Do you know how many grey fleet miles your employees travel each year? Many public sector organisations have been surprised to uncover the extent of the mileage covered in grey fleet vehicles. If you are interested in finding out more about grey fleet, the ways you can better manage it, and the potential benefits of better management, the documents below should give you a head start.

OGC Grey Fleet Initiative (PDF, 1,075KB)
This paper looks at the impacts of grey fleet and some emerging best practice for achieving better management and consequent benefits in terms of cost savings, reduced environmental impact and strengthened duty of care.

OGC Case study (PDF, 112KB)

Environment Agency Case study (PDF, 127KB)
These case studies follow the progress of two public sector organisations that have already started to address grey fleet travel.

Sample Travel Policy (PDF, 82KB)
A sample travel policy that may be used to offer ideas to public sector organisations that are starting to look at reviewing their grey fleet policy.

A set of dedicated webpages has now been set up on the NHS PASA website providing further information and ideas on managing grey fleet mileage.