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Insulating the homes of the UK's poorest would boost growth

Commenting on a Consumer Focus report Jobs, growth and warmer homespublished today (Friday) which says that the best way to boost growth and create jobs in the UK is to make the homes of low-income households more energy efficient, TUC General Secretary Designate Frances O'Grady said:

'Building a low-carbon future can create sustainable growth. The financial case for insulating the homes of low-income families across the UK is overwhelming. It would bring thousands of new, highly-skilled green jobs, reduce energy bills for the UK's poorest households, and give an economic boost to the UK that would far outweigh the cost of public investment.'

The Consumer Focus report shows that significant energy efficiency infrastructure investment paid for by recycled carbon taxes would generate up to 71,000 jobs and boost GDP by 0.2 per cent by 2015.

According to the report it would also create up to 130,000 jobs by 2027, lift up to nine out of ten households out of fuel poverty, and reduce energy bills in all 'fuel-poor' homes by at least £200 per year.


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