Care Quality Commission
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CQC response to statement from Age UK about malnutrition in NHS hospitals

Amanda Sherlock, CQC Director of Operations, said: "Age UK is right to raise this issue. Proper nutrition and monitoring patients' weight is absolutely fundamental to good healthcare, particularly for elderly patients. We have needed to take action in some instances where weight was not being properly monitored and people's nutritional needs weren't properly assessed. Patient surveys are showing little improvement in patients getting help to eat or in the quality of food. This is unacceptable. It is time for the NHS to tackle this issue head-on. We conduct over one thousand unannounced inspections in the NHS each year. If we find any instance where patients are malnourished, we will take action."

In relation to a national review on this issue, CQC said that it consults each year on the reviews it will carry out and that it would consider all suggestions for reviews.

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